What is Sync for QuickBooks (SQB)

  • Synchronizes Authorize.Net transaction data to QuickBooks
  • Leverages IP Commerce product – Commerce Sync

Benefits of Sync for QuickBooks

  • Once configured, data is imported automatically
  • Supports online versions of QuickBooks
  • Sync for QuickBooks is a FREE value added service

Setup and Configuration Guide

How does SQB work?

  • Establishes link between an Authorize.Net account and a QuickBooks account
  • Data synchronization follows within 1 hour of the delivery of batched, successful transactions to the processor

Automate the transfer of payment information into any QuickBooks account

  • Works with online QuickBooks accounts
  • Works with any payment type
  • Delivered via API and turnkey UI
    • No additional API integration needed
    • Turnkey UI: Two-step merchant activation and configuration
  • Bulk load capability to support historical transaction data
  • Write error management for Desktop sync issues
  • Asynchronous, so it does not impact payment processing